Leanie van der Vyver is an artist based in South Africa. She is currently using Product Design as an Art medium and is open for collaboration.


01 Slinky
02 Scary Beautiful
03 The Most Amazing Teaset Ever




Onder Die Invloed



We now have complete power over our own image and abilities. What is currently being done and where might these God-like powers potentially lead?

Scary Beautiful is commenting on the unrealistic standards that mass media places on women through their relentless quest for perfection. With this project I discovered the power of conceptual design as an Art Medium. I designed the highest heel the world has ever seen, but it is infact so much more than that.

The video reached 12 million views within 4 months and was featured in thousands of publications, online platforms and television shows. This included Time Magazine, Daily Mail, Dezeen, the Today Show with Alexa Chung and Reddit to name a few.

The shoes had an impact on the Art World. They were requested by Nicola Formichetti on a few occasions and were featured in Dutch Vogue. Demanding Mainstream media, the Fashion Industry and the Art world’s attention all at the same time. Some were outraged, some were fascinated, but everybody paid attention which gave me the opportunity to share my idea.

On the internet:

Dezeen interview 
Design Indaba talk

The process: